Why I have to buy a new razor before Friday.

Dear Future Self,

You probably should put in a bit of effort for this one.

You know, like give the man a treat and shave your legs or something.


The guy I’ve been dating has been overseas and got back some time last week and has been trying to organise time to hang out.

Before he left, we’d been trying to get together for our third date (wink, nudge) but perhaps consequent of my general disinterest in anyone who wasn’t my ex, neither of us were able to match schedules.  Despite my +24 hour response text response times he suggested he’d like to catch up on his return. Vaguely remembering how hot he’d look in a suit if we got married, I agreed.

Anyway, he text me this week asking when I might be free for a date. Without thinking, I quickly scrawled a text suggesting Friday… and also forgetting it was Valentine’s day. As soon as I realised, the panic set in. Too keen, idiot!

None the less, some 4 hours later I got a text back saying yes and continuing on with the general conversation. Crisis averted.

Wrong.  Because he then sent this;


And now I have a valentines date and no idea what to wear or expect and no idea what we’re doing or where we’re going…
but I think I’m excited.


I just hope I get sex.


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