Why I think I finally have a crush

Dear Future Self,

A single good date does not constitute a marriage in the works, so keep calm and keep your pants on at all times.

And for heavens sake, please don’t ruin this by being.. well, you.

I’d really appreciate your co-operation on this one


So, here it is; the Valentines date.

We struggled to work out a good time to see a movie due to both working later than expected, and that conversation somehow ended in him suggesting we just hang out at my place.

Cue me: *panic*

I’m in the middle of moving from my current house, so I’ve been steadily pulling apart my current place to ensure I only take what I need to the new one (you know, especially the totally important/essential things I hadn’t unpacked from my last move 2 years ago). Anyway, when you add this task into my currently erratic schedule of working two jobs and vigorous contiki training (going to the gym heaps then ruining it on the weekend by drinking too much), that doesn’t leave a great deal of time for basic home duties… and I freak out if the house isn’t immaculate for guests.

So I ran around the house like a headless chicken and wiped, cleaned, washed and hid my mess at speeds previously unknown to man. Once satisfied with the state of the place, I proceeded to go get my makeup from my car… at which point I realised I had thrown my car keys in the bin.

A bin dive, a stall time text, a wine, a shower and a whole lot of stress later, he was at my door, looking great as always… with a rose and champagne. Quite surprised and being me, I managed the most awkward ‘hi’ missed-kiss-on-cheek-half-hug-greeting-abomination I could , and let him inside. It was smooth sailing from there. We had a great time talking about our upcoming trips overseas, telling silly anecdotes about silly drunken behaviour and laughing at how similar our families are. He even offered to help me move house and played with Harvey (good move sir, make friends with the cat). And then we fell asleep on the couch together holding hands and Harvey slept on me with his paw on my date and wowwwwwwww.
Just an extremely sweet date.
He even picked me up to give me a goodnight kiss and it felt like a fairytale. Vomit.

It. Was. A. Great. Night.

So naturally, in a panic that there is some kind of impending commitment in my life – like seeing someone more than once a month – I subconsiouly decided on the following night it would be a fabulous idea to get white girl wasted and wake up in an unfamiliar bed.  I need to be slapped.


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