Why I am a flamingo

Dear Future Self,

Don’t hang out with guys that want to date you. Thats how you end up on an accidental date.

Also, you are definitely a flamingo.



Recently there was a band touring Melbourne who I really wanted to see and none of my trusty music event friends were available for the gig.
Allowing not for defeat, I decided my best bet would be to ask this guy I dated 4 years ago because we saw this band on our first date. We were still on good termsso that’s not weird, right?
Wrong. Because the important piece information which I had elected to ignore was the matter of his recent and  frequent apology texts for his behavior whilst we were dating and asking for a second chance.

When the day of the gig came around and my car was playing up so I texted him and asked me to pick me up on the way there. He agreed and he picked me up – in his parents Audi. At that moment I realized, he thought I’d given in and it was a date. Can someone please tell me how I didn’t see this coming?

It was a long evening of uncomfortable laughs and me trying to friend zone – or put him off – by talking about my ex and other boys and strategically avoiding his ‘moves’ as best I could remember them. There was a little flirting but I kept changing the subject as to avoid any sustained enjoyment of conversation that may lead to failure in friend zoning.

The night continuedand the band were great and which took some of the focus off he and I until eventually he drove me home.

We talked most of the way and had a good laugh but as I went to get out of the car, he decided it was a good time to try and kiss me goodnight. I awkwardly maneuvered my way out of it at which point he proceeded tell me that if were an animal then I would be a flamingo. When I raised my eyebrow he laughed then elaborated ‘A good looking bird, but awkward as fuck’

He still asked to see me again. Damnit.


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