Boys, not men

Posts about me hooking up with younger guys and boys doing unimpressive things

Why I should avoid getting kidnapped (aside from the obvious)


( god love him, he’s a really nice guy… just not my type. At all )


Why I am now certain that I am not fooling anyone

Dear Future Self,

If you’re in the supermarket, and your girlfriends wittily suggest that ‘you should get this ninja turtles toothbrush for your nightime guests’  – it’s time to accept the fact that your enjoyment of a good encounter with a younger guy is not even close to a secret.


Why younger guys should be busy looking good… and quiet

Dear Future Self,

You look good for your age is not a compliment. It is however, a sign that you have been deemed ‘old’ by the guy you just kissed.

Bail. Immediately